Web Video Marketing & Youtube

Web Video Marketing & Youtube

Effective web video marketing can not be successfully achieved without the use of Youtube.

Youtube recently underwent a complete overhaul. The entire look and feel of Youtube has been revamped giving it a much cleaner and more user friendly interface. Additionally and in the opinion of this commentator the biggest improvement has been in the way the metrics can now be measured. The relevance of this improvement for any small business owner looking to maximise the exposure of their web-based video commercial cannot be overstated.

The figure below depicts a detailed view of the metrics associated with this video.

Fig 1.





























As a small business the importance and availability of such metrics to your business;

  • will enable you to plan your marketing campaigns
  • determine how your clients engage with you
  • what key words/search terms they use
  • what platform they use to view your video
  • where they are geographically
  • and more…

If you would like to find out more about how your business can benefit from having your own web-based video commercial, why not call us on 020 7491 9551 or send an email to Steve for a quick response to your query.

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