Web Video Facts & Statistics

Why You Need Web Video For Your Business


Web video – usage across the UK as of the end of January 2011 was as follows:

  • Over 15 million in the UK are going to watch 200 million videos TODAY
  • Over 35 million people are going to watch an average of 17 hours each THIS MONTH.
  • 84% of web users in the UK are watching online video, 64% of whom are watching video advertising content.
  • The biggest market is, unsurprisingly, 15-22 year olds.
  • Massive growth in 45+ though too.

In addition apparently;

  • 2 in 5 of web users upload video
  • 1 in 2 share video and 1 in 3 will comment on content

Further Proof

  • 600,000 people shared Nike’s ‘Write the Future’ ad, which demonstrates how a quality campaign can really seduce the viewer whilst boosting sales.

The commentator goes on to state what may already believe to be true, which is web video is going to be a huge growth area in the coming years. The statistics carry much weight, and are conclusive proof, if any were required, that businesses in all manner of industries SHOULD be implementing video as part of their online communication strategy.

Source: Marc Gosschalk – comscore.com

Still More Facts…

  • The number of people viewing video on mobile devices has increased 66% in the past year to 12.1 million mobile consumers across the EU5 countries (U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy). comScore, 2010
  • 5.5 billion Videos were watched in the UK in February 2010. comScore, 2010
  • In March 2009, 80.1% of the total UK Internet audience viewed online video.
  • More than 27.4 million UK Internet users (78% of the total UK Internet audience) viewed 3.2 billion videos online in June 2008. comScore, 2008

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