Online Web Video – 90% of Internet Traffic By 2013

90% of Internet traffic to be video by 2013…

According to Blogspot“Video content can be a valuable asset in your inbound marketing content mix. In fact, by 2013, 90% of internet traffic is expected to be video. But getting people to sit through your videos can be challenging, considering 33% of viewers say “no thank you” and move on after watching just 30 seconds. 44% lose interest and leave at the 1-minute mark, and 60% bail on your video after 2 minutes”.

We create 30 second, 1 minute and 1 minute 30 second web-based video commercials for small-medium size companies and organisations. Video creation is only one aspect our work, we will also market your finished video. We do this by optimising your web-based video commercial, thereby enabling your target audience, customers, clientele to find you online and engage with you.

The next phase of Internet growth is upon us can your business afford not to be part of this revolution?

If you can reply yes then send email to Info telling us why.

If we like your answer we’ll create a completely free,1 minute web-based video commercial for your business, service or product.

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