London Borough of Haringey

“…Webonline have clearly understood the sensitive nature of these films and have met all of our demands…”

Webonline have produced a variety of professional films to support our marketing activities. Their work with us has included producing family finding films for our children in care, a fostering recruitment film and a regeneration promotional film to be used at a corporate event.

We have found Webonline to be very committed and reliable, often going above and beyond to meet and exceed our expectations. We have been very impressed with the quality of the end product as well as the professional execution and working ethos of Webonline. The team are friendly and approachable making filming days very relaxed and enjoyable. They have clearly understood our requirements and continue to meet our briefs and deliver high quality end product.

Webonline’s support with our Adoption Service has enabled us to produce professional DVD’s for many of our looked after children. This has directly supported our family finding activities, enabling us to have video clips online as well as films to show prospective parents and for the children to ultimately keep as part of their life story. Webonline have clearly understood the sensitive nature of these films and have met all of our demands. The professional films produced have made a significant difference to our family finding activities and the matching process.

As part of our Fostering Consortium, we worked with Webonline to produce an online recruitment film aimed at foster carers for teenagers. Webonline managed the production process in a calm and professional manner. Their flexible and relaxed approach put all participants at ease and their professional production meant the final cut looked great. Since the launch of the film we have seen visits to the website double.

Webonline worked with us to create a regeneration promotional film to be shown at an investor conference. Using existing images, Webonline created an engaging and exciting graphical montage including soundtrack. The film created the perfect introduction to the conference and show cased the borough in the professional manner we had hope for. They achieved this in record time and we were very impressed with the outcome.

Laura Cooper
Senior Marketing Communications Officer
London Borough of Haringey