London Borough of Haringey – Early Years Team

"...his team were very professional in their approach to the work ..."

“…his team were very professional in their approach to the work …”

Webonline Marketing Solutions were commissioned to produce a childminding video to support the promotion campaign linked to childminders in the local  authority. Onu Igbokwe and his team were very professional in their approach to the work and made the process flow smoothly and at a pace which  delivered the project on time and on budget. The team’s approach and way of working was flexible and supported the local authority’s objectives and  aims. The communication processes were excellent and the local authority was always kept up to date with changes and the progress of the project.  The team were able to adapt to any challenges that were presented and welcomed any suggestions and needs that were required.

When working with the children and adults involved, their manner and professionalism was exemplary. Their relaxed and friendly rapport with the  individuals involved enabled them to feel comfortable in the filming process and produce an excellent result.

The quality of the filming was of the highest standard and captured the heart and essence of the message to be delivered. The video shows the important features of the childminding service and will be used on Haringey’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. It will be used in all of the local authority’s children centres to promote childminders as an alternate childcare provider for parents and their children.

The Early Years team are extremely pleased with the resulting video and have had a very good response from everyone who has viewed it. We would highly recommend Webonline Marketing Solutions and will certainly use them for any further promotional work.

Nick Hewlett
C0-interim Principal Advisors for Early Years Quality
London Borough of Haringey
Children & Young People’s Services
Early Years Team