Jamaican Restaurants London – Caribbean Scene

Case Study – Caribbean Scene Restaurant London



Caribbean Scene Experience“Caribbean Restaurant in London with a difference“.

Caribbean Scene initially started off only wanting to utilise us to market their video content. After much discussion it was decided that we should create the content, as well as the marketing. This resulted in us being commissioned to come up with the appropriate brief for a web-based video commercial, which needed to be shot on two separate locations.


The idea was to shoot a video commercial, which would capture the atmosphere, essence and look of the food, the general ambiance all of which was topped off with sound bites from the owners, testimonials from actual diners and a Caribbean theme sound track.


The finished web-based video commercial was then marketed online thus allowing potential customers seeking a Caribbean Restaurant in London to engage with them. The video is organically generated within the Google listings e.g. if you type in “caribbean london dining out“, the video can be seen on the first page. This search term returns approximately 32,200,000 results.


The end result was the creation of a 1 minute web-based video commercial, which captured their cuisine along with the look and feel of the restaurant. The video also captured the Caribbean experience, which can be enjoyed by one and all.