Cosmetic Dentists London – Lotus Clinic

Case Study – Lotus Clinic Cosmetic Dentists London Video


Lotus Clinic “Cosmetic Dentistry London Video“.

Lotus Clinic is a cosmetic dentists in North London offering a full range of cosmetic dentistry services. In their brief it was important they didn’t come across as just another cosmetic dentists in London. They had a clear vision of what would should be incorporated into the video.


The aim of the web-based video commercial was to effectively and efficiently get across the Lotus Clinic experience. The video was created to enable prospective clients the opportunity to understand Lotus Clinic’s philosophy, whilst also introducing the various practitioners.


The video is marketed online thereby enabling clients looking for cosmetic dentists in London to find the video when a Google search is conducted. The video is organically generated within the Google listings for particular key search terms or words e.g. if you type in “cosmetic dentists golders green“, the video is on the second page. The search term returns approximately 1,740,000 search results.


The result was the creation of a 1 minute web-based video commercial, show casing the practice, the staff and the overall experience.