Caribbean Restaurants Barcelona – Stush & Teng

Stush & Teng “Caribbean Restaurant Barcelona Video“.

Stush & Teng a Caribbean Restaurant in Barcelona wanted to develope their online presence. It was established one of the best ways to achieve this would be by creating a web-based video commercial.


The aim of the Stush & Teng Caribbean restaurant video was to show casing the ambiance, cuisine, sense of fun and enjoyment offered by the Stush & Teng experience.

The marketing entailed optimising the video with their chosen key words/search terms e.g. if you type in Caribbean restaurant Barcelona, the video dominates the first page. The search term returns approximately 1,990,000 search results.


The result has been the creation of a video, which met the brief given by the client and has been able to maintain a prominent position within the Google listings for the past 3 years for relevant key search terms.